Emergency Out of Hours Service










Our out-of-hours emergency cover is provided by:


North Surrey Veterinary Emergencies (NSVE)


NSVE is a veterinary service dedicated to providing care for pets and their owners ‘out of hours’ (when we are closed) and work very closely with us to provide continuity of care.

They are staffed by dedicated critical care vets and nurses, all with much experience in the field of emergency work. They have excellent facilities on-site, with all the diagnostic and therapeutic equipment required to deal with any emergency.

Their sole aim is to give you and your pets the same excellent service and peace of mind you get from us!


We know that it is often difficult to decide what is an emergency but the important thing is to stay calm. If we are not available and you think your pet may require emergency treatment please call NSVE and they can help you decide how urgently your pet needs to be examined by their team, some cases may not need to be seen straight away. They provide free advice over the phone and will ask about your pet’s symptoms and recommend if you can safely wait to see us when the practice is open again.


Remember, please do not take your pet directly to NSVE without calling them first.


Contact details


In an emergency, firstly call us. If we are closed and are not available you will hear an answer-phone message asking you to call:


0208 783 2850


Call the number and you will be able to speak to one of the staff who will quickly arrange for you to be seen or for you to speak to a veterinary surgeon.



4 Park Road, East Molesey, Surrey KT8 9LE



They are based in East Molesey, a stone’s throw from Hampton Court Palace and railway station.



The prices charged by NSVE are as follows:

Consultations are split and priced in two time scales - before 11pm and after 11pm. Procedures and medications are additional.

The staff at NSVE will always keep you informed of the likely costs of treatments and any changes to costs as the case progresses.

Telephone consultations are of course free of charge!


Please discuss expected costs with the veterinary surgeon at the time of your consultation. 




Do not worry if you cannot get your pet to NSVE yourself as they have a dedicated fleet of private veterinary ambulances operated by qualified staff who can provide the transport you need.

Please contact them on 0208 783 2850 if you require this service.


Further information on our 24-hour emergency cover can be found in leaflets available in Reception.


To help you find your way and save time in an emergency situation you can scan the above QR Code straight onto your phone, using your smartphone's QR Code reader: