Our services

This is your overview of the services we offer. Should you have any questions, you can of course get in touch with us or make an appointment.

Veterinary Consultations and Treatment

If your animal is injured or unwell, this is the starting point for examination, investigations, diagnosis and treatment. From checking over your new animal, to deciding when it's time to say goodbye. Please call to make an appointment.

For more info see Veterinary Treatment.

Nurse Clinics

You can arrange to have an appointment with one of our nurses to discuss  issues such as dental hygiene, dietary advice, obesity problems, routine healthcare advice including worming and flea control, nail clipping, suture removal etc. Please ask at reception for an appointment.

See Nurse Clinics.


Vaccination & Prevention

For advice on vaccination and disease prevention, please call the surgery or have a look at Vaccination & Prevention.


For advice on having your pet neutered, please have a look at the Neutering section or call us at the surgery.


We strongly recommend having your pet identichipped to help prevent loss, theft and also for travelling abroad. Look at Identichips for more information.

Travelling with your pet

Pets enjoy going on holiday as well! For the latest information on travel abroad with your pet please got to 




Puppy Confidence Sessions

Lots of fun and ideal for socialising your new pup, see the Puppy Confidence Sessions section for more information.

Euthanasia and Bereavement

For information about what to do when the time comes, see the Euthanasia and Bereavement section.