Veterinary Treatment


If your animal is unwell or injured, the first stage of veterinary treatment is to make an appointment with one of our vets. You can request which vet you wish to see (see meet the team) although if it is a follow up check or long standing condition you may well be given an appointment with the same vet as previously for continuity sake.

Your animal will be examined and treatment, further tests or surgery recommended.


Further Investigations

Further investigations may take the form of urine collection and analysis, blood tests, skin scrapes, xrays and a variety of other procedures. The majority of these are performed in house with our facilities which include a dedicated lab with microscopy, blood machines etc.

Some blood tests and samples may need to be sent to a specialist lab, where there is usually a very rapid turnover time. Occasionally, for certain conditions, you may be offered referral to a dedicated veterinary specialist for more complex investigations eg. an MRI scan.


Operations and surgical procedures are carried out in the mornings every weekday at the Sunbury branch and Tuesday to Fridays at the Hampton branch.

Please see client info for further information.