Qualified veterinary nurses (RVNs) are trained to a very high level and are more than capable of giving you advice on a number of matters such as worming and flea control, dental disease, grooming and bathing and much more. They are also trained in a number of procedures, such as nail clipping, suture removal, blood sampling, and catheter replacement.

An appoinment with a nurse can save you the cost of a veterinary consultation and help to prevent your pet from becoming unwell. 

Nurse Clinics

Weight Clinics

Obesity is unfortunately an all too common problem amongst our much loved pets. Although it can be hard to ignore those pleading eyes, obesity  can lead to a number of serious diseases, including arthritis, diabetes and breathing problems.

Come and see one of the nurses to have your dog weighed and to discuss a suitable weight loss program, through exercise and either manipulating your dog or cats current diet, or starting on a specially designed prescription diet to allow weight loss while keeping your animal happy. Regular checks ensure weight loss is at the correct rate and will help to keep motivation up!

Dental Consultations

Dogs, cats rabbits and other small furries are all very prone to dental disease, often at a surprisingly young age. Looking after your pet's teeth is important to prevent painful conditions which can lead on to other diseases. If your pet has received dental treatment, or if you would just like to discuss home care, you may be offered an appointment with a nurse to discuss the ongoing care of your animals teeth---brushing, toys and snacks, food and drinking water-additives and more.


Suture removal, nail clipping and more.....

For a number of minor procedures, including suture removal, nail clipping and anal sac emptying, you may well be given an appointment with a nurse. A veterinary consultation fee will not be charged allowing your animal and your wallet to benefit to the max!